Ccfh's Codes
Here are some other codes I found. Others may have found them before me but I haven't seen them printed anywhere and I didn't know about it at the time I discovered them. Most of these codes just have small effects on the game unlike the other glitches I found. All glitches are for Zelda 64 unless stated otherwise.
Wear Any Tunic Anywhere
Race the running man. Instead of running to the bridge, run to Dampe's grave. Go up to Dampe and let the clock start. After the clock begins, don't race him. Turn around and exit back to the graveyard. The yellow marathon race clock should have been replaced with a white clock. This will keep going up until it stops at 59:59. Do not talk to the running man on the bridge or the trick will end. Whenever you are timed for an event that goes on your record or when exiting the collapsing castle the trick will also end. However, you can usually wear any tunic in extreme heat or underwater and not face the consequences since that clock will never begin.
Redead Glitch
Go to any redead with the iron boots on. You will be invincible from them. They will never attack you unless you take out your sword or put away your sword.
Z Button Glitch
Simply blink Z while running...since Link always starts moving with his left foot he will be walking with his right leg completely still and his left leg jumping back and forth. It has no real effect but it is kind of cool to see.
Cucco Appearing Out of Thin Air
Go to Lon Lon Ranch and throw a cucco over the fence that Epona jumps to exit. Return to the cuccos and you will see the one you threw over the fence appear out of thin air.
Floating Fishing Pond Owner
Hover over the water and cast to an angle towards the left then go back by the exit and you will see the fishing pond owner floating in the air with no legs. Also,f you quit with the line still cast and then pay to play again the camera angle will become really messed up and it will be somewhat difficult to even exit.
Gerudo Training Center?
Do swordless Link and then get off Epona while playing the Gerudo archery game. Go in where the gerudo training center is and the game will link to the top of the entrance above the jail instead of the training center...
Link's Awakening
Beat the Game W/O Instruments
This trick uses the select trick (press select at the same time you exit a screen; does not work on DX). Get the sword, shield, magic powder, bow (feather if you want and you might want to go to Crazy Tracey's). I think that's all you need to beat the bosses at the end. Anyway, go to the bottom left on the map. Go right a screen and up a screen. Now do the select trick while going down off the screen. You should fall into a warp hole. Warp back to this point if needed. Go left or right to go in the last castle. Save and quit. Restart the game. You will be at the beginning entrance of this castle. (From this point don't save again or you may get stuck in the egg.) Go up a screen. Get as close to one of the walls as possible and do the down-select cheat. Go right a screen, down once, and then line up with the fallen blocks. Keep going right. It will repeat but after a while you will fall into the chamber with the bosses.
Excitebike 64
2 to 3 second lap times
Race on a track where there is a hill leading up to the finish line. When you are about ready to finish a lap fly off the track to the left so that you cross the finish in the air but don't get much distance past the finish line. If it works correctly the game will set you on the finish line and you will receive a lap time of about 2 or 3 seconds. This is very effective but it is difficult to get the trick to work.

Donkey Kong 64
Instruments Glitch
Pause the game and scroll to the screen with all the Kongs. Choose a Kong other than the one you are. When you scroll back to the main pause screen you will have as many notes as the Kong you chose on the other screen listed under your own instrument (this even works if you don't have an instrument yet for the Kong you are playing). However, the game will return to normal when you unpause the game so this glitch doesn't affect the actual gameplay.

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