Condensed Zelda
Link's Awakening can be beaten relatively easy by using my Beat the Game Without Any Instruments code but the same is not true with Zelda 64. Is there an easier way to beat Ganondorf without Link having to go through all the dungeons and temples? I came up with the following story from Link's perspective. Noon: A fairy wakes me up. I tell her to let me go back to sleep but she won't let me. She tells me to go see the deku tree but I decided to leave the forest. The forest is boring. There is nothing to do in the forest. The market town has all the cool games. Some guy blocks me from leaving and says I'll die if I leave. I pick up the sign out of the ground and hit him over the head until he's knocked out. Then, on the bridge, Saria gives me the Ocarina. I leave and immediately meet the owl. He says a bunch of junk about a long adventure ahead or something like that. I tell him about my dream with the evil man with the big green nose. Then, I send the owl to fly to Death Mountain to talk to the Biggoron. The Biggoron goes to the castle and steps on Ganondorf, squashing him to death. The owl returns and tells me what happened. That was quick but now I want the triforce. I tell the owl this and he carries me behind the temple of time and throws me through the window. I land so hard I begin to lose some of my life and I make this sound. I crawl bleeding to the sword. I hope to fall asleep so I can enter Link's Awakening to use the phone and call 911. Then I decide not to sleep since if I do I might die or something. I pick up the sword and advance forward 7 years (it's actually longer than that but that's what the storyline says). Rauru meets me at the Chamber of the Sages. I ask him if he is somehow the incarnation of the owl or the deku tree. He wouldn't tell me so I jumpkicked him and began jumping on him like a trampoline. Finally, he explained it to me. He said that one's personality and their contributions to society better identify them than their physical form. I was mad at this inconclusive answer but then I realized exactly who he was. I shouted "You're Video Gamer X from The Odyssey of Hyrule." He told me that he was not VGX and was actually a game tester for Nintendo. He then said that he needed to find the exit because he'd been stuck in the Chamber of Sages for a long time and had to leave to help find all of the game's bugs. I then told him that I was sure the other game testers would be able to find all the bugs even with missing one game tester [/dramatic irony]. I then ran around the place and found the triforce and left by using it's power. I had defeated Ganondorf and obtained the triforce all before everyone else defeated the Deku tree. If you would like to contribute a story or anything else send me an email at

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