Internet Hoaxes
There have been numerous internet hoaxes in the form of fake tricks for Zelda 64. I am making a collection of the most widespread hoaxes I've seen on the internet on this page. If you are unsure of any codes online email me and I'll try to verify if the code exists. Also, tell me if there are any mistakes on this page by means of an alternate way to do a trick.

Obtain the Triforce
There have been numerous hoaxes about how to obtain the triforce since Nintendo's April Fool's joke that said it was possible. The triforce was obtainable at one point in production but was taken off the final version. It has not been found yet but with all the glitches that have been found there is still a small chance...
Unfreeze Lake Hylia
Another unsolved mystery that begs for an explanation...unfortunately it cannot be done. However, you can get below the ice with swordless Link.
Beat the Running Man
One of the most frustrating aspects of the game. There is no way to beat the running man. Many have said that doing so will give you the Pegasus boots or a new saddle for Epona. A lot of the codes said you would win if you got under a minute since that time seems impossible to them. I have gotten a time of 58 seconds and I still lost "by a second." There is proof that he cheats and somehow warps: 1) You never see him. 2) If you meet him on the bridge and run back to the tent he will tell you to go ahead like he never begun.
Win Brownie
It is impossible to win Brownie. There is no way to beat Ingo with that horse.
2nd Fishing Pond
Simply doesn't exist...there have been reports that say you do something that allows you to carry bombs and blow up the wall with the crack. The crack was put there to let water in the pond, not to bomb.
Goron Attack
The code says you have to bomb the goron as an adult 5 times and it doesn't work if you've gotten the tunic from him. You can't bomb him 5 times since bombing him once gets you the tunic. Therefore, the code doesn't exist unless the places I've seen it printed it wrong. I've also tried as a kid and haven't got it to work.
Playing as Shadow Link
Not possible...everyone loves to make fake Shadow Link codes for some reason...

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