Welcome to the PlanetN Alliance. This is our temporary beta site. We provide free customized domain names for our users hosted on our server. Your site url will be http://planetn.tripod.com/yourname.extension(such as .gam for gaming or .news). However once inside the network you can simply enter yourname.extension in the popup box. You can also just enter the shortened name by dragging and dropping the code on this page into the links section of your browser. We will never add any ads to your page but have a navigation bar that aids the user. We allow you to use javascript to remove the frame but we suggest that since the frame is there for convenience that if you wish to have the frame remove you use this code. We have listings of all the sites that have joined in the appropriate section so you will receive free publicity for your site also. Message boards are set up that can be shared by all sites in that section. Help support us so we can buy our own domain name and rent or buy our own servers so that there will be no more annoying popup ads (if you don't close the ad no future ads will pop up). If you have any questions regarding this project please email the webmaster at adrccfh@hotmail.com.