Majora's Mask Glitches
American Version
Glitches found by Keaton Lee
I have a couple of glitches you might want to post up on your site. You know the Crooked Cartridge trick?? Well, you can do it in Majora's Mask ( but you have to be a Deku Scrub)!! Go to Milk Road on Day 1 or Day 2, and go to the boulder that's blocking the way to Romani Ranch. Put your Deku Mask on, and go to the right of the boulder where the little crevice is at. Hold the joystick diagonally to the left, and perform the Crooked Cartridge trick. If performed correctly, you will be at Romani Ranch!! Also, I know how to get to the Goron Racetrack before you beat Snowhead!! Head to Frozen Lake, and change into the Goron. Roll up the ramp on the left using the Curl command. Keep on doing that for the other ramps until you see a gray boulder blocking Goron Racetrack. Change into a Deku Scrub. Get on either side of the boulder, and perform the Crooked Cartridge trick. If performed correctly, you'll go right through the boulder and into Goron Racetrack!! If you want me to find more glitches having to do with the Crooked Catridge trick, e-mail me.

Glitches found by
1-Ride Greudo Motor Boat

First you must have the stone mask. Go into the first part of the Pirates Fortress and enter the water, with the mask on. Wait for a boat to come near you, then swim right in front of it and climb on. Now you get to go in circles just like the Greudos!

2-Gruedo Queen and Glitched bee

You must have the stone mask aswell. First enter the 2nd part of the Fortress and go into the area where the Greudo Queen is. Don't go near her with the mask, cause she'll see you and say Halt, there is a rat with a funny mask in here. Insted climb on one of the 2 barrels and don't move. Use the hookshot to go ontop of the tank with the zora egg, but not in. From there you can see the Greudo Queen, and also if you look near the vent where your supposed to shoot the bee's nest from, you'll see the bee that signifies the nest, but it'll just be there, suspended in air.

3-Weird Musical Notes

Get the zora mask and go to zora hall. Put it on and talk to the guy on the stage fidgeting with the speakers. Put the mask on and he'll tell you to play a note. After you play a note, he'll say he needs to turn the sound up. If you go to link, deku, or goron, your notes should be very loud and sound like a guitar. You may need to fidget around with notes to get it to screw the sound up.

Japanese Version

Do you think it is possible for Majora's Mask to have as many glitches as Zelda64? That may have seemed unlikely until I found out that some of the glitches from Z64 remain unfixed in Majora's Mask! Cloud Strife has provided me with the following information from the Japanese version of the game:

The ghost-Link glitch still works in Majora's Mask. You can go through the wall in the same types of places as the original!

The wall climbing glitch also works in Majora's Mask just like the original but it is tougher to accomplish.

It is possible to lose your sword and place new items in the B button. However, I'm not sure if it will work as well as swordless Link in Z64.

You can have up to 6 bottles in the game and there are bugs and fish in the game. However, the multiple bottles glitch does not work.

The debug code also is not included in the game.

The future for potential glitches in Majora's Mask looks great! I would really like to thank Cloud for providing me with this information.

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