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**I found the following codes: Master glitch, Invisibility, Ride on Epona while being DEAD, Get Under a Minute in Marathon Race, Wear Any Tunic Anywhere, many of the Ghost-Link locations, the Redead glitch, and Beat the Game w/o Any Instruments. If you see them anywhere else on the web this is where they originated. I have had many of these codes posted on n64cc, The Odyssey of Hyrule, and Hyrule: The Land of Zelda**

Updated 3-4-00

Zelda 64
Redead Glitch
Music after Dark
Master Glitch
Get Stuck WAY Above Lake Hylia
Get Under a Minute in the Marathon Race
Ride on Epona While Being DEAD
Wear Any Tunic Anywhere
Ghost-Link Glitch
Ghost-Link Location: Deku Tree
Ghost-Link Location: Kakariko Village
Ghost-Link Location: Kakariko Village II
Ghost-Link Location: Forest Temple
Ghost-Link Location: Zora's Domain
Ghost-Link Location: Spirit Temple
Ghost-Link Location: Temple of Time
Ghost-Link Location: Kakariko Village III
Ghost-Link Location: Ice Cavern
Swordless Link
Video Gamer X's Debug Code
Bring the fishing rod outside of the pond
Extra Bottles
Over 100 Skulltulas

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Beat the Game Without Any Instruments

Donkey Kong 64
Instruments glitch

Zelda 64
Redead glitch
Go to any redead with the iron boots on. You will be invincible from them. They will never attack you unless you take out your sword or put away your sword.
Music after Dark
found by Luigi Link, Cameron Tidd from
Nintendo Freaks
Go to or be in Gerudo's Fortress during the DAY. Go to Gerudo Valley, then backtrack to Gerudo's Fortress. Play the Sun's Song. But if you don't make it in time, go in at night, play the Sun's Song, and there will be no music during the day.
Master glitch
First, ride Epona to Gerudo Valley. Cross the bridge and go to the carpenters' tent. While still on Epona angle to the right and try to go in the right side of the tent. When you are lined up like this, press A to speed up and hold left. If you did it correctly you should be inside the tent without Epona. This will get easier after you get the hang of it. This leads to many glitches.
Do the above cheat. While in the tent warp to Lake Hylia. The invisibility will end when you the screen redraws. If you grappling on to the tree the game will lock up in a fixed camera angle and if you wait you will see your yellow position indicator on the map go all over the screen, way outside of the map. If you go to the side of Lake Hylia by the exit and call Epona, when you ride Epona it will look like you are Epona. You will be invincible from enemies but can still lose life from falling off the ladder and drown.

**Update 3-4-00: Here is something else you can do with the invisibility glitch and swordless Link. Play on a file that hasn't saved the carpenters yet. Go to Lake Hylia and take the fishing pole out of the pond by casting at the same time you jump off the rocks. When you are outside jump in the water that is still at Lake Hylia and pause the game. You will have swordless Link. Then go to Gerudo Valley with the Gerudos and cast Farore's Wind (swordless Link is needed to do this). Then do the master glitch and warp to the forest temple. Go in the temple, cast Farore's Wind, and return to the warp point. Now only the Gerudos wearing white that remain stationary can stop you. The wandering Gerudos will look at you but never send you to prison. You can also kill the wandering Gerudos by running over them with Epona!

**Update 2-5-00: I have also found that invisibility can be done anywhere you can ride Epona if you can do Swordless Link. After doing the swordless Link code, use Farore's Wind while on Epona and then do the master glitch. Then warp to the the graveyard and go in the Shadow Temple. Use Farore's Wind again and return to the warp point. If you do this and become invisible at Gerudo Valley (before the bridge is fixed) when you jump the bridge you will remain invisible in the cinema scene.**

Get stuck WAY above Lake Hylia
First, go to Lake Hylia and go into the Water Temple. Play Farore's Wind. Now go to the carpenters' tent and do the master glitch. While in the tent, warp to the Fire Temple. Then go in the temple. Play Farore's Wind and warp back to the point in the Water Temple. When you exit the dungeon you will be on Epona WAY above the lake. You cannot get down so you must reset the game. You can also get stuck above the water just outside Zora's Domain. From the Fire Temple, go see the Gorons. Then go to their warp to the Lost Woods. From the Lost Woods, go to the underwater warp to Zora's Domain. Then exit to Hyrule Field making sure you are in the water when you exit. This will also get you stuck so you must reset the game.
Get under a minute in the marathon race
First do the master glitch. Then ask to race the running man. You should already be on Epona when you leave the tent so you will gain a couple of seconds. If you use this with the swordless Link glitch you can finish in under a minute (and still lose). At the end of the race still going full speed use the Ocarina to get off Epona. These two glitches will help improve your time.
Ride on Epona while being DEAD
Lose almost all your life. Make it so that one bomb hit will kill you. Do the master glitch. Warp to outside the Fire Temple, go see the Gorons, and then exit through the Lost Woods. Then go Kokori Forest. Go to the bridge where the running man finishes. Throw a bomb and exit at the same time you get hit. This may take many tries. You should be taken to Hyrule Field and be on Epona without any life if it worked correctly. You will not be able to use any weapons even with the swordless Link glitch. Link will die whenever he gets off Epona.

Wear any tunic anywhere
Race the running man. Instead of running to the bridge, run to Dampe's grave. Go up to Dampe and let the clock start. After the clock begins, don't race him. Turn around and exit back to the graveyard. The yellow marathon race clock should have been replaced with a white clock. This will keep going up until it stops at 59:59. Do not talk to the running man on the bridge or the trick will end. Whenever you are timed for an event that goes on your record or when exiting the collapsing castle the trick will also end. However, you can usually wear any tunic in extreme heat or underwater and not face the consequences since that clock will never begin.

Ghost-Link Glitch
original glitch found by Dominic Brassard
To go through corners less than 90 degrees first go to one of the corners described below. Walk as far as you can in the corner you wanna go through then:
Draw out your sword
Z-Target the corner and hold it
Hold Forward and use the Attack command.
If your angle is right, you should go through the wall. If it's not working, just adjust the angle in the C-Up screen and try it again. Also, some of these locations work best with the hammer instead of the sword.
Here are the places Dominic found where the trick works:
Deku tree
As an adult go to the Deku Tree. Facing the Deku Tree, go counter-clockwise around the tree until you reach a branch you can't go over simply by walking. It should be the branch which is before the gossip stone area on the left side of the tree. You can go through the corner made by the branch and the wall. (You should be on the side opposite the gossip stone.)
Kakariko Village
Enter Kakariko Village by the graveyard. Aim for the left part of the stone wall. You can go through the corner made by the stone wall and the other wall.
Kakariko Village II
Enter Kakariko Village by the mountain. Enter the first house at your left and leave using the back door. You should be in the backyard. Jump off the platform you're on forward. You can go through the corner made by platform wall and the other stone wall at your right. Behind the wall, you can even reach some other places using the hookshot on the wooden boxes. You will be able to go through doors backwards by doing this trick. This location works best with the hammer.
Forest Temple
Go to the main room and go to the left. You can go through the wall on the pillar on the right. If done you will fall down to the basement below and will be able to run around in complete darkness with invisible water and vines.

*Dominic sent me the glitch and I found these additional places it will work.*

Zora's Domain
Directly facing King Zora, do the trick at the corner to your right. Once you went through the wall, equip the Iron boots and start walking in the small path under King Zora. Go as far as you can towards the waterfall. You still should be in the water. Wait appr. 4 seconds and remove the Iron boots. You should fall under Zora ice!(without Swordless Link!) You will be in darkness. From there, you can find the door leading to Lake Hylia by using the map. If you do the
master glitch before doing the above cheat and when you arrive at Lake Hylia Epona should be stuck WAY above Lake Hylia. Also, if you exit to the lake without Epona before the water fills the lake you will momentarily swim in thin air.
Spirit Temple
Entering the spirit temple, you can go through the statue at your left. Use the corner made by the statue and the stairway wall.
Temple of Time
In the Master Sword part of the Temple of Time, you can go through the first pillar at you left or at your right (both work). You can also do the trick in some of the other pillars in that section.
Kakariko Village III
This is the only location that I have found that will alter the storyline. It lets you get to a place that is supposed to be accessible as an adult as a kid. Enter Kakariko Village from Death Mountain. Use the trick to go through the wall between the right side boundary and the first house on the right. You are always blocked from entering this house as a kid. It's supposed to be the guard's house. Once you go through the wall go through the door . It will let you go through backwards since you bypass the block placed on the door. Once inside it will be the shop that's there as an adult and the owner will say how times are tough and he had to move from the market. When you exit the world will still be how it always was as child Link.
Ice Cavern
In the Ice Cavern, go to the room with the swirling blade and then go to the right. In that room, go to the left side of the ice and face the treasure chest. You can go through the wall at this location. This doesn't do much but you can go behind the chest to see how they made the layered ice effect...
Top Codes on the Internet
Swordless Link
While fighting the final Ganon and have your master sword lost save the game. Reset the N64. Now on that file you will be able to use weapons while riding Epona.(This only works on the gold and some grey cartridges.)
Video Gamer X's Code
Debug Menu
The Odyssey of Hyrule
During gameplay slowly pull the left side of the game out. The game will lock up and you will get a yellow bar in the top left corner of the screen. Now enter the following code:
L button + R button + Z button
Control pad up + C down
C up + Control pad down
Control pad left + C button left
C right + Control pad right
A button + B button + Start button
The game will show screens of code and other messages but there will be no effect on the gameplay.

**DO NOT use this trick while using Gameshark. Doing so may erase the entire game making it unplayable. It may also be safer if you lock the game up with the fishing pole glitch below instead of pulling out the game.**
Bring the fishing rod outside the pond
As an adult, use the hover boots and cast. while hovering above the water in the pond. Now press Z twice and exit the pond. Outside, if you try to use the rod the game will lock up and will remain frozen unless you are hit by and enemy. The sword may also turn to a deku stick. When you press B to use it the game will freeze.

**Note: I have found a link between the fishing pond glitch and the debug menu. If you want to test an exact location in the game for debug press the B button as Adult Link to freeze the game and then enter the debug menu. This is a good alternative if you do not want to partially remove the game. Also, it is possible to do the fishing pond glitch as a kid! Go to the rocks by where the water empties into the pond. Cast at the same time you jump off the rocks. If done successfully you can walk around with the fishing pole. Exit the pond. While outside it will lock up until you get hit if you cast. Also, if the sword changes to a deku stick you can use it by pushing B without the game freezing. It won't say how many sticks you have left but you are still limited.**

Extra Bottles
Swing a bottle at a fish or a bug. Halfway through the swing pause the game and replace the bottle with the item you want to replace. The bottle will replace it and the item will be gone unless you buy it again or collect the item from defeating an enemy.
Over 100 Skulltulas
Go to the tree by the castle as a kid. Play the song of storms. Stand in front of the exit. Defeat the skulltula with the boomerang and do a backflip to exit before the boomerang returns. This will count the skulltula and you can go back and get it again.

The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Beat the game without any instruments
This trick uses the select trick (press select at the same time you exit a screen; does not work on DX). Get the sword, shield, magic powder, bow (feather if you want and you might want to go to Crazy Tracey's). I think that's all you need to beat the bosses at the end. Anyway, go to the bottom left on the map. Go right a screen and up a screen. Now do the select trick while going down off the screen. You should fall into a warp hole. Warp back to this point if needed. Go left or right to go in the last castle. Save and quit. Restart the game. You will be at the beginning entrance of this castle. (From this point don't save again or you may get stuck in the egg.) Go up a screen. Get as close to one of the walls as possible and do the down-select cheat. Go right a screen, down once, and then line up with the fallen blocks. Keep going right. It will repeat but after a while you will fall into the chamber with the bosses.

Donkey Kong 64
Instruments glitch
Pause the game and scroll to the screen with all the Kongs. Choose a Kong other than the one you are. When you scroll back to the main pause screen you will have as many notes as the Kong you chose on the other screen listed under your own instrument (this even works if you don't have an instrument yet for the Kong you are playing). However, the game will return to normal when you unpause the game so this glitch doesn't affect the actual gameplay.


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