Rauru's Glitches

Here is a massive list of codes that Rauru has found and sent to me. He is the president of a site called The Realm of Legends. That is where these codes were originally printed. Screenshots on this page are also pictures Sarge took for that site.

All Sky Gerudo Epona
Do the swordless link trick and go to gerudo valley on epona under the sign with a moon on it on the way to the bow and arrow place dismount using deku seeds. slowly make your way up the hill, make sure epona does not go past the sign. when you get to the brown horse press A and you will mount epona. the gerudo fortress area, not the bow+arrow place will be all sky and no body will be around. When your at the brown horse make sure the A does not say speak or the game will freeze.

Invisible Bridge Epona
Do the swordless link on any cart glitch on our other glitch page, you must do it the hard way so you can get the bridge un finished. Go to Gerudo Valley and run at the bridge while on Epona, like you are going to jump it, but right before you do press the ocarina button and you will see the movie of Epona jumping but Epona will be absent from the cinema. Where's Epona? Epona is IN the Bridge! Epona is now stuck in the bridge and cant get out until you leave!
Endless Sky Epona
Go to lon lon ranch and while in the circular pen thing in the middle press the ocarina button WHILE epona is running. now press the hookshot button and again ocarina. Now you should be controlling epona! It may take a couple tries. Now run to the field but if you get the angle just right you will be able to see the sky and noet able to leave the Ranch. Ok, also if you get epona at the right angle the house is gone and a void is where the door used to be! An endless sky awaits you!

Pop-a-wheelie Epona
The easiest way to do this is to go to The entrance to Gerudo valley. Yes it can be done in Lake Hylia. Go to the sign that is just outside the valley. Ride into the fence by the sign. Now ride into the fence's corner resulting in Epona popping up. If you do it backwards eponas butt will be up in the air. You have to do these slow or you will jump the fence. Get off Epona and shes stuck up in the air. Now call her to watch her try to get out of that position. Its funny.
Addon for pop Epona Glitch
Do the swordless Link then do popawheelie Epona. Play sarias song and say no. Then whip out a bomb. You should be on the ground with no c-buttons or meters! Warning- YOU ARENT INVINCIBLE.
Popasinking Link
Do the popawheelie epona glitch on the fence east of Lon Lon Ranch. Leave Epona like that and get off. If you do it just right you can walk through Eponas butt and look down and see her horse shoes! You can do this on backwards Popawheelie Epona too! Thats not all. Do this and then climb Epona then jump off you will sink through the ground!!!!!!!
Earthquake Link
The easiest way to do this is to go to Lon Lon Ranch during the day. Ride up right beside ingo. Pull out your bow and aim it at his head then talk to him, without letting the bow down. It should go to a close up of his face. If done correctly after talking to him everything will shake and Link's body will be invisible, all except his arms.
Bowless arrow
Do the Earthquake glitch except when you pull up the bow press and hold B. An arrow will be floating in mid air.
Bombing the Earthquake
Do Earthquake Link and when the shaking is going on do crooked cart, then do swordless link and press bomb. Now you can ride around with no Link on Epona, but dont bomb chickens or the game will freeze. If you did swordless link on gray cart instead of bow use the hookshot on the earthquake link glitch.
Different View for Gerudo Archery
Do the Earthquake Link glitch to the lady who lets you play the archery game and accept to play. You can have a different 3rd person view for the game from now on.
Riderless Epona
Go to Lon Lon Ranch and do crooked cart and leave it up. You should hear strange music and Epona will be all by herself. Dont let Epona leave or the game will crash.
Bowed Debug
Do crooked cart in the Ranch. Leave it up and ride around with no Link on Epona. Now press B for Bow and Link will fly off Epona and the game will freeze. The yellow lines are up in the corner.
Anti-Gravity Link
Do swordless Link now play a song then hookshot then the cbutton for ocarina. Now you should be able to walk through rocks and Epona. Now climb a cliff and jump off , you will float down to Earth like youre on the moon! If done in Lon Lon Ranch you will get Epona's view. Sometimes the screen doesnt go with you so you have to run far away from Epona and it will change to you. If you jump in the water you get Eponas carrots and you are controlling Epona. You can get this to work using Deku Nuts but its better my way because you arent controlling Epona all the time. Once you get the carrots pick up a bush and run about ten feet hten press a. You will be on epona with a bush. If Navi says Hey, and you press c-up, you are screwed! Link will run until a wall stops him and you cant control him anymore and you will have to reset.

Quicksand Link
Do the Anti Gravity Link glitch. Now go to the river in the NW corner of Hyrule. Jump in the west side and swim all the way to the west wall. Now try to climb out the north side and you will sink under the river! To get out just swim East a little bit.
Debug in Temple of Time
Do the Crooked cart glitch in temple when Skeik is there. Pull the cart up just enough so where link is invisible. Now swing your sword and fly around the room! Now z target Shiek and talk and the game will freeze with her..err..him saying llllllllllllllll-l. The corner has yellow lines.
Beta Tree
Not really a glitch but weird nonetheless. Am I the only one who has seen the tree during the intr movie? The Tree is near Zoras River entrance. Its not there in the game.

Sword Glitch
It doesnt do anything, but oh well. Do the swordless link on any cart trick but right after getting the Gorons Ruby go to the Fairy on death Mountain. Put on the Hylian Shield and play the song on the triforce mark. Get the magic meter and WHATS THAT? You have a sword on your back! It doesnt show up on the Inventory Sub-Screen or in the green B button icon. It will only be there when you have the Hylian Shield! The swordless Link trick still works.
Crooked Intro
Do crooked cart during intro and Epona is running Linkless.
Debug during Intro
Let the intro play up until Shiek is giving you Boleara of Fire or whatever its called. Do crooked cart and it will freeze with the lines up in the corner. Go to VGX's site to find out the code to type to see programming code!

That's quite a huge list of glitches, Rauru. Thanks for sharing them. If you find any codes of your own please email me.

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