Top Codes on the Internet
Here is a small collection of some of the best codes online. Most of them are on so many sites that I don't know who to give credit to. I got them from these sites: The Odyssey of Hyrule, N64CC, Hyrule: The Land of Zelda, and Nintendo's Official site. I have also had my own codes posted on many of these sites. If you want more codes I would suggest going to these sites; most of them are a great source of information.
Swordless Link
While fighting the final Ganon and have your master sword lost save the game. Reset the N64. Now on that file you will be able to use weapons while riding Epona.(This only works on the gold and some grey cartridges.)
Video Gamer X's Code
Debug Menu
From The Odyssey of Hyrule
During gameplay slowly pull the left side of the game out. (This has the small chance of causing damage to your cartridge so I would suggest locking it up with a software malfunction such as with the Nayru's Love glitches or the deku stick B button glitch. Also, there have been reports that using this code with game shark can damage your game even to the point that the game becomes unplayable. Please use caution when doing this cheat. For more information on it check out The Odyssey of Hyrule.) The game will lock up and you will get a yellow bar in the top left corner of the screen. Now enter the following code:
L button + R button + Z button
Control pad up + C down
C up + Control pad down
Control pad left + C button left
C right + Control pad right
A button + B button + Start button
The game will show screens of code and other messages but there will be no effect on the gameplay.
Bring the Fishing Rod Out of Pond
As an adult, use the hover boots and cast. while hovering above the water in the pond. Now press Z twice and exit the pond. Outside, if you try to use the rod the game will lock up and will remain frozen unless you are hit by and enemy. The sword may also turn to a deku stick. When you press B to use it the game will freeze. If you want to test an exact location in the game for debug press the B button as Adult Link to freeze the game and then enter the debug menu. This is a good alternative if you do not want to partially remove the game.
Also, it is possible to do the fishing pond glitch as a kid! Go to the rocks by where the water empties into the pond. Cast at the same time you jump off the rocks. If done successfully you can walk around with the fishing pole. Exit the pond. While outside it will lock up until you get hit if you cast. Also, if the sword changes to a deku stick you can use it by pushing B without the game freezing. It won't say how many sticks you have left but you are still limited.
Extra Bottles
Swing a bottle at a fish or a bug. Halfway through the swing pause the game and replace the bottle with the item you want to replace. The bottle will replace it and the item will be gone unless you buy it again or collect the item from defeating an enemy.
Over 100 Skulltulas
Go to the tree by the castle as a kid. Play the song of storms. Stand in front of the exit. Defeat the skulltula with the boomerang and do a backflip to exit before the boomerang returns. This will count the skulltula and you can go back and get it again.
Music After Dark
found by Luigi Link, Cameron Tidd from Nintendo Freaks
Go to or be in Gerudo's Fortress during the DAY. Go to Gerudo Valley, then backtrack to Gerudo's Fortress. Play the Sun's Song. But if you don't make it in time, go in at night, play the Sun's Song, and there will be no music during the day.

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