Project: Ghost-Link
This glitch lets you go through walls in certain locations within the game and sometimes has other various effects. I've worked with the person who originally found the glitch to list as many locations as possible.

I received an email from Dominic Brassard asking for help on my master glitch. The glitch must be done exactly so sometimes it is difficult to understand. Plus, N64CC has a typo that makes it sound like you dismount from Epona. After I explained it to Dominic better, he told me a glitch he had found to thank me for helping him. He said that he had actually gone through the wall near the Deku tree and gave me instructions. It took me a while to get it to work, but I finally succeeded. Dominic then told me 2 other locations he knew and said there were probably more places it would work. We launched a full investigation and comminicated through email and icq. Some of the locations provide strange results such as running around in complete darkness and accessing an area the is not supposed to be accessible as a kid. Here is how the glitch works.
To go through corners less than 90 degrees first go to one of the corners described below. Walk as far as you can in the corner you wanna go through then:
Draw out your sword.
Z-Target the corner and hold it.
Hold Forward and use the Attack command.
If your angle is right, you should go through the wall. If it's not working, just adjust the angle in the C-Up screen and try it again. Also, some of these locations work best with the hammer instead of the sword.

This is the list of places Dominic found the glitch to work.
Deku Tree
As an adult go to the Deku Tree. Facing the Deku Tree, go counter-clockwise around the tree until you reach a branch you can't go over simply by walking. It should be the branch which is before the gossip stone area on the left side of the tree. You can go through the corner made by the branch and the wall. (You should be on the side opposite the gossip stone.)
Kakariko Village
Enter Kakariko Village by the graveyard. Aim for the left part of the stone wall. You can go through the corner made by the stone wall and the other wall.

I've just recently found that you can use this glitch to get in the well before you are supposed to. It didn't seem like much until I went back and played on a file that didn't have the water drained. To my surprise there is a section at the bottom of the well with no water where you can stand on flat ground...and if you look straight at the water you can't see it....This is a very weird glitch.

Play as a kid. Before you go through the wall in the location pick up some cuccos and throw them against the walls in the narrow passage connecting Kakariko Village to the graveyard. Then do the trick to go through the wall. While still behind the wall pick up one of the cuccos. Face the well, hold Z, and fall backwards off the edge. Then go towards the well. At first you will see the main part of the well but then the entrance will pop up to the right. You can then enter the well even before the water is gone. In fact you can enter the well and get the lens of truth just after beating the Deku Tree and talking to Zelda. Remember, once in the well don't worry about any of the keys; they are just a waste of time. Just change the water level and crawl in the hole by the beginning to fight the boss. When you exit the well you will notice that only half of the bottom of the well has water (which is really strange when you see it)...You can also do this to enter the well as an adult but you can't go anywhere since you have to crawl through one of the holes Link can only crawl through as a kid.
Kakariko Village II
Enter Kakariko Village by the mountain. Enter the first house at your left and leave using the back door. You should be in the backyard. Jump off the platform you're on forward. You can go through the corner made by platform wall and the other stone wall at your right. Behind the wall, you can even reach some other places using the hookshot on the wooden boxes. You will be able to go through doors backwards by doing this trick. This location works best with the hammer.
Forest Temple
Go to the main room and go to the left. You can go through the wall on the pillar on the right. If done you will fall down to the basement below and will be able to run around in complete darkness with invisible water and vines.

Now here are the additional locations I've found.
Zora's Domain
Directly facing King Zora, do the trick at the corner to your right. Once you went through the wall, equip the Iron boots and start walking in the small path under King Zora. Go as far as you can towards the waterfall. You still should be in the water. Wait appr. 4 seconds and remove the Iron boots. You should fall under Zora ice!(without Swordless Link!) You will be in darkness. From there, you can find the door leading to Lake Hylia by using the map. If you do the master glitch before doing the above cheat and when you arrive at Lake Hylia Epona should be stuck WAY above Lake Hylia. Also, if you exit to the lake without Epona before the water fills the lake you will momentarily swim in thin air. (Thanks to Dominic for this suggestion.)

Here is a pic Sarge took of swimming in the air. It's very hard to take a pic since it happens so quickly. Note the angle that Link is at and how his hands are stretched just as if he was swimming. This glitch looks really strange when you do it because the game immediately recognizes the error and quickly changes things back to normal.

Spirit Temple
Entering the spirit temple, you can go through the statue at your left. Use the corner made by the statue and the stairway wall.
Temple of Time
In the Master Sword part of the Temple of Time, you can go through the first pillar at you left or at your right (both work). You can also do the trick in some of the other pillars in that section.
Kakariko Village III
This is the only location that I have found that will alter the storyline. It lets you get to a place that is supposed to be accessible as an adult as a kid. Enter Kakariko Village from Death Mountain. Use the trick to go through the wall between the right side boundary and the first house on the right. You are always blocked from entering this house as a kid. It's supposed to be the guard's house. Once you go through the wall go through the door . It will let you go through backwards since you bypass the block placed on the door. Once inside it will be the shop that's there as an adult and the owner will say how times are tough and he had to move from the market. When you exit the world will still be how it always was as child Link.
Ice Cavern
In the Ice Cavern, go to the room with the swirling blade and then go to the right. In that room, go to the left side of the ice and face the treasure chest. You can go through the wall at this location. This doesn't do much but you can go behind the chest to see how they made the layered ice effect...

I would really like to thank Dominic Brassard for sharing this great glitch with me and the time and effort he put into this project. There are probably even more locations out there since the parameters that meet the glitch occur so often. Remember, all you need to find is a corner less than 90 degrees and the trick will most likely work. If you find any more locations please tell me and of course you will receive full credit for your discovery.

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