Project: Master Glitch
All screenshots on this page were created by Sarge. My thanks goes to Sarge for taking them. Click here to visit his site.

This is the glitch that inspired the creation of this leads to some of the coolest glitches in the game: invisibility, riding on Epona while being dead, getting stuck way above Lake Hylia, and more!

Here is how I found it...before I had the internet I raced the running man a lot because I assumed there had to be some way to beat him. Upon finally getting the net I found that this was one of the consequences of a game rushed to meet the deadline of the holiday season. Anyway, I got frustrated and decided to take a break from racing him. I got on Epona and tried to get the camera angle glitched up and the small possibility that I could get past limits of the door while on Epona. Of course I didn't expect that would work, but to my surprise it did. Once inside the tent it seemed as though nothing had happened so I left the tent. I didn't remember getting off of Epona, but I assumed that must have been the case. I was surprised when I exited and was already on Epona but though nothing else could probably be done with the glitch. It took me a long time to figure out a way that would allow you access to the tent while still on Epona (which was different from the harder way I originally entered the tent). I never imagined all the cool glitches such a small glitch could lead to.
Master Glitch
First, ride Epona to Gerudo Valley. Cross the bridge and go to the carpenters' tent. While still on Epona angle to the right and try to go in the right side of the tent. When you are lined up like this, press A to speed up and hold left. If you did it correctly you should be inside the tent without Epona. This will get easier after you get the hang of it. Whenever you enter an area where Epona was programmed to be you will automatically be on Epona since you never really got off. This trick doesn't seem like much but it leads to many cool glitches.

Here are a few screenshots to show how it works. The first shows your position just before holding left and speeding up to enter the tent. The second shows Link inside the tent, which will be what happens if the glitch is done right. The last image shows that whenever you enter an area where Epona was programmed to be you will automatically be riding on her.

After finding this glitch I launched the mission to find every glitch associated with it. This took a lot of careful thinking to find most of the extents of the glitch and to this day I still continue to find new things you can do with it. I first started by playing warp songs to try to find various results. I warped to the Shadow Temple and exited to Hyrule Field to see how Epona would deal with steps and she got stuck just as I suspected. I then tried warping to other places and as I suspected I was automatically on Epona whenever I entered Hyrule Field. I then wondered what would happen if I warped direectly to a place Epona was programmed to be. The only place that met this condition was Lake Hylia. I warped there and couldn't believe the results. At first it seemed as though I had transformed into Epona but when I realized I could get off of Epona I realized I was invisible.
Do the master glitch. While in the tent warp to Lake Hylia. The invisibility will end when the screen redraws. If you grappling on to the tree or one of the scarecrows the game will lock up in a fixed camera angle and if you wait you will see your yellow position indicator on the map go all over the screen, way outside of the map. If you go to the side of Lake Hylia by the exit and call Epona, when you ride Epona it will look like you are Epona. You will be invincible from enemies but can still lose life from falling off the ladder and drowning. The game will detect you as being both where you are and where you entered (the warp pedestal). Navi will fly back and forth between these two spots. Using some items that put you in the first person view will change the camera back to the spot you entered. Then the camera will scroll back to where you are. Your hit detection will not work and you won't be able to use your sword to hit enemies. You can use the deku stick as an adult while invisible without the game locking up but the hit detection won't work with it so you cannot kill enemies. (To get the deku stick take the pole out of the fishing pole and let it the B slot change to the deku stick.) Also, with invisibility items you pick up such as bushes, rocks, and bombs will stay in one place until you throw them.

Here are some great pics Sarge took of invisibility at Lake Hylia.

That was the extent of invisibility until I got the internet. Using the code with swordless Link allows you to be invisible anywhere you can ride Epona. This allows you to be invisible not only at Lake Hylia; but also at Gerudo Valley, Gerudo Fortress, Lon Lon Ranch, and Hyrule Field.

After doing the swordless Link code, use Farore's Wind while on Epona and then do the master glitch. Then warp to the the graveyard and go in the Shadow Temple. Use Farore's Wind again and return to the warp point. You can now become invisible in more locations. If you use Nayru's Love while invisible in Gerudo Valley for some reason you will see it hovering above the bridge. Using the master glitch with Farore's Wind allows you to get Epona many places she is not supposed to be able to go. To get her above the jail use Farore's Wind on Epona after entering above the jail. Then do the master glitch, warp to a temple, enter, cast Farore's Wind, and return to the warp point. To get her in the jail play on a file without the carpenters being saved. Go to Lake Hylia and take the fishing pole out of the pond by casting at the same time you jump off the rocks (since you don't have the hover boots yet). When you are outside jump in the water that is still at Lake Hylia and pause the game. You will have swordless Link. Use Farore's Wind on Epona after getting thrown into jail. Then do the master glitch, warp to a temple, and return to the warp point. Invisibility also lets you be free from the wandering guards catching you before you save the carpenters. They will look directly at you but never throw you in jail. You can kill them by running over them with Epona. However, the Gerudos in white can still catch you.

Here are some cool pics of Epona in the jail.

I later discovered some effects that the master glitch has on cut scenes. The first one I found was its effect on the cut scene in Gerudo Valley. It wasn't until much later that I found the effects it had on the Lake Hylia scenes.
Cinema Scenes
The only cinema scene that you can remain invisible in is jumping the bridge at Gerudo Valley. This is the only place you can lauch a cinema scene without exiting an area. Lake Hylia also has a few exceptions in its cinema scenes. Cast Farore's Wind in the Water Temple, do the master glitch, warp to the shadow temple, and return to the warp point. After you beat it for the first time the cinema scene will remain the same and when you return you will be riding on Epona (not invisible for some reason). If you go back in the blue exit for the second time you will fall from the sky while on Epona (once again fully visible).

I then wondered what would happen if the master glitch was used to force Epona over water since the game normally uses it as a limit for Epona. I had no idea what to expect but the trick did yield some interesting results.
Get Stuck Way Above Lake Hylia
First, go to Lake Hylia and go into the Water Temple. Play Farore's Wind. Now go to the carpenters' tent and do the master glitch. While in the tent, warp to the Fire Temple. Then go in the temple. Play Farore's Wind and warp back to the point in the Water Temple. When you exit the dungeon you will be on Epona WAY above the lake. You cannot get down so you must reset the game. You can also get stuck above the water just outside Zora's Domain. From the Fire Temple, go see the Gorons. Then go to their warp to the Lost Woods. From the Lost Woods, go to the underwater warp to Zora's Domain. Then exit to Hyrule Field making sure you are in the water when you exit. This will also get you stuck so you must reset the game but you won't be nearly as high as with Lake Hylia.

It is possible to get down if you use the invisibility glitch by using Farore's Wind with swordless Link. Exit from the water temple to Lake Hylia and do the steps described above in the invisibility section to be able to get down.

Look at these screenshots of Epona above Lake Hylia. These use swordless Link to show what will happen when you get down. The second shows that you will sink all the way to the bottom when you fall even if you don't have on the iron boots.

This screenshot shows the trick from another entrance point. To do the glitch, have swordless Link, enter Lake Hylia by the waterfall, get on Epona, cast Farore's Wind, use the master glitch to get in the tent, warp to a temple (any one except the water temple), enter, and then return to the warp point.

Here are a couple pics of Epona floating above Zora's River. You don't get the great view you do when you get above Lake Hylia but with this you can actually look back and see Epona floating in the sky!

I found yet another use for the glitch: improving my time with the running man. Remember, I didn't have the internet yet so I thought it was still possible to beat him. I thought the way to beat him was to unfreeze Zora's Domain (of course I didn't know that was impossible yet) since the shortcuts seemed to line up like that. I set 1 minute as my goal and with these tricks I got under a minute (58 seconds). When I finally got the net I saw a lot of rumors saying you beat him if you got under a minute. Of course the people who came up with that assumed that was impossible but I had proof otherwise...
Under a Minute in the Marathon Race
First do the master glitch. Then ask to race the running man. You should already be on Epona when you leave the tent so you will gain a couple of seconds. If you use this with the swordless Link glitch you can finish in under a minute (and still lose). At the end of the race still going full speed use the Ocarina to get off Epona. These two glitches will help improve your time.

I later thought of the fact that you cannot be harmed while on Epona. It took me a while to think of what could be done with this. It is one of the coolest yet most difficult cheats. I found that you can get harmed at the same time you exit a screen and not face the consequences until the next screen. With this you can lose your life and still continue since you cannot die while on Epona.
Ride Epona While Being Dead
Lose almost all your life. Make it so that one bomb hit will kill you. Do the master glitch. Warp to outside the Fire Temple, go see the Gorons, and then exit through the Lost Woods. Then go Kokori Forest. Go to the bridge where the running man finishes. Throw a bomb and exit at the same time you get hit. This may take many tries. You should be taken to Hyrule Field and be on Epona without any life if it worked correctly. You will not be able to use any weapons even with the swordless Link glitch. Link will die whenever he gets off Epona. If you do the master glitch again while dead when you die inside the tent the screen will cut and when you return everything will be dimmed.

When I first found the master glitch I never imagined all these glitches would come with it. I have found most of the limitations of the glitch but I believe there is still more that can be done with it. If you found anything with it please email me.

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