Project: Screen Change Glitch
This is a very simple trick I found and leads to some strange results. With this you can do one of four things: fall through the ground, land in different places instead of by the entrance, lock up the game, or use bottled items without losing the item in the bottle.

Do the swordless Link trick. Ride on Epona and play the ocarina the second you change screens. You will fall through the ground in most locations but other places lead to various results. Sometimes you will land in different parts of the level instead.
If you do the trick going from Lon Lon Ranch to Hyrule Field you will land in Hyrule Field close to Lake Hylia. There are also other locations that work like this. You can also do the trick right after warping (using Farore's Wind or warping to Lake Hylia) if you use the carpenter's tent glitch. Use Farore's Wind on Epona in the location you want the to fall through the ground, enter the tent on Epona, warp to a temple, enter, cast Farore's Wind, return to the warp point, and then play the ocarina as the screen is changing. The trick has other effects in different places. If you go from Lake Hylia to Hyrule Field and do the trick the game will lock up enough that you can enter the debug menu but not to the point the game won't load if you reset it. You can use the screen change glitch going from Hyrule Field to Lake Hylia. The screen change trick can be useful. If you use a bottle you can use the contents and if you time it right you will be able to use the item again. Most of the weapons can be used except for some reason bombchus lock up the game when used while falling.

I haven't tested the trick in every possible location and I'm sure I haven't tried using every weapon while falling.... I'll update if there is anything new that can be done with the trick besides the four things that I know the trick can lead to. If you have found something significant that can be done with this trick please email me and you will receive full recognition for your find.

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