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Welcome to PlanetN--your source for Zelda and other video game related topics.


I've added a Majora's Mask slideshow. I've also added some Zelda 64 midis to the site.

I have added a guestbook to my site. I would like everyone to please sign it. I also embedded the PlanetN chat onto my website. I have also added a link to contact me on AIM. I can only be on AIM when I am not on icq or else my pc will crash. Therefore the online status may not be accurate. Also, I have noticed that sometimes icq is having trouble and it says online status detection disabled....

The codes section was updated. I added the Redead Glitch I found and updated the invisibility code. I also added Luigi Link's "Music After Dark" glitch.

There is now a new way for expressing your ideas. I have decided that I will let Zelda fans send me a page of html code (please leave out the html tag when you email me the code) with their opinions and thoughts to go on their own page on my site. I will also take any drawings, stories, or anything else anyone wishes to contribute. I'll link to your page on the site in my update the day I add it. From that page I will link to your own sites or message boards if you wish. I'm encouraging everyone to express yourself by participating.
I have also added a graphic that will show if I'm online or not (my icq status). If you have icq you can send me a message at the icq number given or if you don't have icq you can still send me an instant message by filling out the form on this page.
I have also updated the links section with some links suggested at my message boards.
For my next update I will update codes and add a real guestbook. For now, please sign my guestbook on my message boards.